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Lokal Fit Classes are for anyone ready to take their fitness journey to the next level or for anyone ready to start their fitness journey. . Individual results, community, and all-around health are the priority. . Lokal Fit will focus on strength and conditioning throughout the entire body. . To achieve these goals, you can expect to perform many different movements. (Squats, lunges, pressing, pulling, plyometrics, running, rowing, ski erg, gymnastics, and core work.) . For our Barbell lovers, we will absolutely be using barbells for back squats, front squats, dead lifts, Olympic lifts, and power lifts. . For our NON-Barbell people, we will be performing the same movements. Instead of using barbells, use dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and other implements to create the same stimulus that you would receive with the barbell. . Lokal Fit, a class for everyone… different goals = different equipment.

Lokal Fit Classes

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Class Options

  • Unlimited: $150 per month
  • 3x / Week: $125 per month
  • Open Gym Only ( no classes): $50 per month
  • 10 Session Class Pass: $150 per month

Personal Training & Nutrition Counseling

Need a Personalized Workout Program or Nutrition Plan ?

  • 1 Session = $60
  • 8 sessions = $440
  • 12 sessions = $600

Need to speak with someone first, please feel free to reach out.
1 hr Nutrition Counseling = $100

Sweat 30


Prices for ACTIVE Lokal Strength Members ONLY:

  • This will be a 30min Sweat class that focuses on maintaining heart rate and working hard enough to get in and get out!
  • No barbells here. Dumbells, Kettlebells, and your body will be the name of the game.
  • If you want to take a step back from working on heavy weights for the day this will be a great active recovery day for any athlete.