Liz K.

"“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”"

I truly enjoy being a member of Lokal Strength. It is a very positive and supportive environment. Jessi and Seth inspire me and continually challenge me to reach my goals. Their kindness, positivity, motivation, expertise and willingness to help me is unmeasurable.

I started my fitness journey in the fall of 2016. My favorite workouts definitely include squats/deadlifts. I have had several setbacks, but I always come back to what I enjoy, determined to be the best that I can be.  I don’t compare myself to other people. I have my own goals that differ which is why I love this place. Jessi makes sure to cater to my personal goals/needs.  As I enter the 2021 year and turning 50 years old soon I continue to have more strength and energy than prior to starting fitness years ago.  My goal is to continue to be healthy, active and strong so that I can be around for many years to come to enjoy being a Mimi. I feel so grateful to be a part of the Lokal Strength community. Every workout is a challenge physically and mentally, but with a positive attitude anything is possible. I have one goal on my bucket list this year to complete and that is a full marathon. I have done several half marathons, so I know incorporating training training with my running I will reach that goal.  Thank you Jessi and Seth for opening this gym and creating an awesome environment that I enjoy coming to.

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